2 Reasons You Should Have A First Look


Let's start with what a first look is. A first look is a moment set aside for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony. Before you throw this idea out for sake of tradition lets look at the awesome reasons to have one.


This is the one thing we dream about, right? How will he react when he sees me? We've all seen the Pinterest groom crying as the bride enters for the first time. SO. MANY. HAPPY. EMOTIONS! 

But think about it...During your ceremony you have a million things on your mind. "I hope the music plays on time" "I hope granny got to her seat ok" "Has uncle tom started drinking yet?", "walk faster", "walk slower", "don't trip, please don't trip", "just make it to the front" "Don't forget your vows"...I could go on. 

This moment  doesn't always play out the way you imagine because you need an intimate stress free zone to be able to express those emotions. That's what a First Look gives you. You get that intimate time so you can both be beautiful emotional basket-cases and it is the BEST THING EVER! (Not to mention the best photos ever!)

You know the reaction we talked about before? What if I told you, you would get that same reaction walking down the aisle with or without a first look? It's true!

While we're on the topic the reaction the groom has to seeing the bride walking down the aisle is usually the exact same as it would have been with or without a first look. He's not only thinking about how beautiful you are, but that this, THIS, is the moment you're his to love, cherish, and protect forever and the beautiful reality of that hits you both as you're walking down the aisle. The groom seeing you before doesn't change that.


Opting for a first look gives you more time at your reception/cocktail hour and way more photos. 

If you don't choose a first look you're probably taking photos with family, bridal party and just you and your groom all between the wedding and the reception. That's a lot of photos. A professional photographer will be able to get all the photos needed in that time, but think about yourself here. You won't be as relaxed. 

I've photographed so many weddings where the family stresses the bride and groom out with the amount of photos they want and the combination of families they want in each photo. Then we move onto the bridal party. You want a photo with each of your bridal party members, after all they're some of the closest people to you in life! When we get to where we can take photos of just the bride and groom all they  can really think is that they need to get to their reception. These circumstances aren't ideal for relaxed, romantic, and playful photos.  

If you choose a first look you're able to have that intimate time before the wedding to spend with just your groom. Not having to think of anyone else and not being stressed by time. This is where the magic happens. The most beautiful photos come out of this time. This way after the ceremony you can enjoy your family and bridal party photos because that's all you'll need before making your entrance to the wedding.


What do you think? Would you opt for a first look? Let me know in the comments below!