How to have the perfect engagement session

Engagement sessions are admittedly my favorite sessions! Two people totally in love with no external pressure. Just a fun day together making lasting memories and celebrating one of the best times in life. So how do you have a killer engagement session? Here are some tips I've picked up as my time photographing countless engagement sessions.

1. Be true to your vibe as a couple 

Engagement sessions are a beautiful mix of reality and fantasy. You want to be true to yourself and your relationship during the session. So if you live in the middle of the city and have never been hiking in your life...maybe don't go for a flannel-hiking-through-the-woods vibe. On the other hand maybe you live in the city but grew up in the great outdoors and you two want a session reflecting that love of nature even though that's not your life anymore, then lets go for the flannel-hiking-through-the-woods vibe. Think about what setting makes you the most alive, is that the mountains, the dessert, in the water, a coffee shop, the middle of a city? Let's go there!

2. Dress it up

I always encourage people to dress things up for their engagement session. This doesn't mean you have to be dressy if you're super casual. Just add something that makes it unique, a little different than what you normally look like. So get your hair done that day, add a flat rimmed hat, get a flower crown or bouquet for that day, wear that B.A outfit you haven't found the occasion for, whatever it is, just have some fun with it! Need help figuring out what to wear? Click here

3. Don't over think it / Over Pinterest it

Choose a photographer you love and trust, plan along side them but don't over think it. When you start over thinking it and bring in a bunch of props, the session becomes less free. You start thinking in your mind about all the shots you want to copy from pinterest and it really puts you and your photographer in a box. Lets have fun and create the pinterest worthy moments instead of copying them!

4. Don't be afraid to travel

Don't be afraid to travel for your engagement session. I've seen people write this session off as a way to get a save the date photo, some print outs for the wedding, or another thing to check off that planning list. Let's slow down and celebrate this time in your life! It truly is one of the happiest times! So let's go somewhere that makes you two feel alive. Lets meet in the mountains and have a campfire, lets drive to the ocean, lets hike to that overlook or play in that waterfall. Just go for it and make it a lasting memory.