Jonathan + Kaitlin

The sun was high over the historic downtown of St. Augustine FL when Jonathan and Kaitlin saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. The look on Jonathan's face was pure joy and peace as he saw his bride for the first time. Later, with their closest friends and family they said their vows on the beach with the sights and sounds of the ocean behind them. The day was dreamy from beginning to end. 

Daniel + Lindsay

This elopement during the eclipse was set in the middle of a fairytale! We walked through flowers that towered over us while butterflies floated back and forth. The mountains painted a beautiful backdrop for the flower fields. It was truly a dream! Daniel and Lindsay were beyond sweet as they exchanged rings and vows in the heart of this flower forest while the moon slowly darkened out the sun. 

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Find this beautiful flower farm here! This is my second shoot here and it's gorgeous every single time!

John David + Courtney

This session was so much fun. We met at Courtney's home, and guys, it's the most perfect place I've ever seen! I'm so excited because they're actually getting married there and so you'll all get to see just how amazing it is! I seriously didn't want to leave! Anyways, moving on...We went into the woods for these shots and the light through the trees couldn't have been more perfect. Loved every shot of these two! The weather feelin' all fall-like wasn't bad either! 

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