I am a tea-drinking, late-sleeping, full moon-gazing, bluegrass-listening, hippie at heart.

I am one of the lucky in love, married to my middle school sweetheart (yes - middle school!). My husband Trenton makes me laugh like no one else can. I mean as naive as a belief in soulmates sounds, he’s totally mine.



I'm a down to earth, free spirit and I feel deep connections to nature and design. I have a puppy-child named Indigo that is my best friend! When I'm not shooting weddings I'm running Nashville Wax Co. with my husband, and working on new vegan recipes.

Me + You

  I'm looking for a certain type of couple to photograph. Ones who are adventurers at heart. Ones who are truly, madly, & deeply in love with each other. Ones who know simplicity and authenticity are what make life beautiful.  If you're wanting honest photos of your loves raw beauty, if you're wanting a chill time of hanging out while snapping photos, if you're ready to leave insecurities behind then lets do this! We'll have a party and turn your crazy love into lasting art. Follow the good vibes to the place that makes your heart beat fast!